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Make pelvic floor exercises a daily habit...

so you can laugh without leaking

Bev Killick - The Continence Champion


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Everything you need to help us promote Laugh Without Leaking

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Call the free National Continence Helpline
1800 33 00 66  for confidential information, local referrals and resources from a specialised continence nurse advisor.


Visit continence.org.au for further information plus download flyers, brochures and fact sheets to help you regain control.


Speak to your GP, pelvic physiotherapist or continence specialist

— Latest News —

Laugh Without Leaking Competition
Laugh Without Leaking Competition
Share your personal story Bev Killick is an actress, comedian and singer, with two children. Beth Wilson is a barrister, artist and former Victorian Health Commissioner. Jacinta Crickmore is a Queensland...

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